Training and Ceramic Filter Distribution in Wanasuka Garut

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Training & Distribution of Free Ceramic Filters in Wanajaya – Garut
In cooperation with Students of Indonesia University of Education

In order to help the welfare of  the environment through clean and safe drinking water, improved social life and sensitivity to the environment among  students of Posdaya Wanajaya Village,  District Wanaradja, Garut regency, West Java and the Indonesian University of Education and to shape the development of students lives in the community, Pelita Indonesia Clean Water Division in collaboration with the Student Village Wanajaya Posdaya organized the distribution of 15 free ceramic water filters;  nine (9) at the Institute of Social Education, four (4) at local elementary schools, and one (1) each at a local mosque and office on August 1, 2012.  Pelita was  greeted warmly and enthusiastically by the community and all the participants.

“Now people no longer need to boil their water to obtain safe, clean and cheap drinking water. There are other options that use a ceramic filter. Hopefully, this is a blessing and an early example for the community surrounding Wanajaya,” said Agus Nurzaman, S.Ag (village head) in during his speech. This activity represents the beginning momentum that will allow people to recognize and have easy access to the ceramic filter. Students will also help with follow-up activities to ensure that all the filters are being used appropriately.

The activity was made possible by donors who were willing to purchase the filters that were distributed by Pelita Indonesia, KKN POSDAYA desa Wanajaya 2012 and the community of Wanajaya. On behalf of us all, we would like to say thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Brasfield who sponsored this event. May God Almighty bless Mr. & Mrs. Brasfield.