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Pelita Indonesia provides clean water, shelter, food and basic medical services to the victims of natural disasters throughout West Java Indonesia. It is our desire to have personnel on site within the first 48 hours to provide life saving personal needs through our various programs. Our team brings ceramic water filters on site to provide safe, clean drinking water to those effected, sets up soup kitchens to provide basic nutritional requirements, and assists in setting up temporary shelter. In addition, our teams typically have medically trained professionals on site that can also provide immediate basic medical services.

Pengandaran 2006: A magnitude 7.7 earthquake off the south coast of island of Java caused a 3 meter high tsunami. The result was the destruction of homes, restaurants, hotels, and critical infrastructure several hundred feet inland along the coast line of south Java and the city of Pengandaran. Pelita Indonesia responded within the first 48 hours to provide immediate assistance. Learn Moreā€¦