Distribution of Ceramics Filter in Village Mayang, Subang, West Java

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March, 4th, 2014. Water division of Pelita Indonesia was held socialization and distribution 50 set ceramics filter for underprivileged family in Village Mayang, Cisalak, Subang, West Java. During the event, people was very enthusiastic, they came before the event began and follow the explanation with attention.

This event is held as a form of attention from Pelita Indonesia and the sponsors who support program “1 filter for 1 family”. Besides that also this event is the result of cooperation with the local government that strongly supported the event.

Selection itself exercised by PKK representatives and village staff to determine a proper family receive help. Mrs. Emas as the head of PKK expressing her gratitude for favors is given. She believe ceramics filter would help villagers to get clean and healthy drinking water.

Next, facilitator of Pelita Indonesia will conduct visits to each family that receives help of ceramic filters. The goal is to help in the process of discharging the ceramic filter is good and correct. So that its use will be maximum.

Desa mayang has good water quality because of the spring mountains not far from the village. However, the community still had difficulty in managing water into clean water ready to drink, most people still boiling water to get drinking water. Boil the water in a society still use firewood as fuel of processing. In search of firewood also need sufficient time and effort. Although there are other alternatives to the use of LPG gas, but to buy it still feels very expensive. Through this assistance, it is hoped the community could be helped in getting healthy drinking water.

We sent our gratitude to all those who support “1 filter for 1 family” program. We invite you to take part to support because still many family who need helps.