Distribution of Ceramics Filter in the Village of Duwet, Jogyakarta, Center Java.

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Thursday, September,5, 2013 at the Village of Duwet’s Meeting Hall, Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia in collaboration with the Sanggar Minabudaya Foundation distributed free ceramic filters. Sanggar Minabudaya Foundation, located in Jogyakarta, preserves Javanese culture and National culture, both in term of music and traditional dance. Sanggar Minabudaya Foundation sponsored 165 ceramic filters to the residents of Duwet, Sub-district Purwodadi, District Tepus, Gunung Kidul, Jogyakarta so that the residents could have access to fresh, clean drinking water.

The event, which started at 08.00 pm, was very festive and had a full sense of kinship. Not only did the adults participate, but the children also enthusiastically followed the event.

For the residents of Duwet, to obtain a source of drinking water is quite difficult. Most of the residents use rain-fed systems to get clean water. However, the Government also provides tanker trucks full of water that comes from springs, but access to these locations is still quite a long way. In order to sanitize water for drinking, the majority of the residents in the Village of Duwet still boil the water by using firewood.

We hope that by distributing free ceramic filters, the resident of Duwet can get drinking water which is healthy and safe. The community no longer needs to look for firewood to boil, so the impact of carbon/ global warming can be reduced.

We give many thanks to the sponsors who have supported the program “1 Filter for 1 Family” and we anxiously search for others that may be interested in supporting this program. Thank you.