Distribution of Ceramics Filter in the Village Jalancagak, Subang, West Java

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Friday, November, 8th, 2013, housed in one of the houses in the Jalancagak Village, Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia conduct socialization and free distribution. The free distribution is one manifestation of the attention of philanthropists to help underprivileged families, especially in the area of Subang. At that time it was distributed 50 set Ceramic Filter for 50 families, in the village of Jalan Cagak, Subang, West Java.

The socialization begin at 2.00 pm, begin with introduction between Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia and the people who will receive ceramic filter. Participants were really enthusiastic in listening an explanation of sanitation and how to use ceramic filter.

Talk a bit about Village Jalancagak, in this area, society get the water to drink or daily activity derived from natural spring water. To distribute the water, they build hoses to irrigation independently until arrived in the house of each the citizens. They complained about the cost that expensive enough to buy a gas and firewood, when they used that to boiled a drinking water.

Through this socialization and distribution, hopefully the citizen of Village Jalancagak could be facilitated to get a safety and healthy drinking water. So, the cost which in use to get drinking water can be used to help other things.

We say many thanks to our sponsor to be able to take a part of  “One Filter One Family” program. We also looking forward to other sponsor, to take a part in this program, because there are still family who need helps. Thank you!