Distribution of 50 Ceramic Water Filters in RT. 002 – Kel. Margamulya

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29 January 2015, Pelita Indonesia held a seminar for the STBM (Community-Led Total Sanitation) Program at the home of Mr. H. Dodi Iskandar, one of the residents of RT. 002, RW. 004, Kel. Margamulya, Kec. Pasirjambu, Kab. Bandung in West Java, Indonesia.  In addition to the seminar, Pelita also distributed 50 free ceramic water filters to the most needy families in the area. This area is located in the highlands of West Java surrounded by rice fields, which are the source of livelihood for the families here.  However, due to the large number of rice fields, the water here is severely polluted and contains high levels of iron.  Our event was designed to teach the community about the sanitation issues they face, as well as, provide them a tool that will increase their overall health and well-being.  With the gifts of our sponsors, Pelita Indonesia was able to assist 50 families in obtaining safe drinking water and provide training in personal hygiene.

Throughout the year, our partners will follow-up with each family to ensure they understand how to use the filter and that the filter is working properly.

The event was a success even with the logistic issues that were faced by our team.  The village of Margamulya is not near a major highway so getting the filters into the area could have been major hurdle, but the Pelita team along with local residents came together to move all 50 filters from our truck on the highway to Mr. Iskandar’s home in the village!

These ceramic water filters are produced exclusively by Pelita Indonesia in West Java, Indonesia to provide an alternative solution to safe drinking water.  Our filters work by processing raw water directly through the ceramic.  The walls of the ceramic are full of microscopic pores that allow the water to pass through, but keep bacteria out.  This means that raw polluted water can be poured directly into the filter and drank immediately as it passes into the collection container.  In addition to the microscopic pores, Pelita also coats each ceramic pot with colloidal silver.  This acts as a secondary disinfectant.  With each production run, random samples are taken and sent to government and private labs to verify the quality of our product.

There are still thousands of villages throughout West Java, Indonesia and beyond that face very similar issues with water quality and poor personal hygiene.  Events such as these will hopefully assist in alleviating the overall economical and health burdens felt on the communities.  If you would like to become a partner with Pelita Indonesia to assist the millions of people in Indonesia that do not have clean drinking water, please contact us!  We would love to hear from you and discuss how you can make a difference in someone’s life!