Water Filter Education & Distribution in Cipada Village

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On August 20, 2015, Pelita Indonesia in cooperation with the local government for Cipada provided an education seminar on Total Community Based Sanitation (STBM) and distributed 50 sets of ceramic water filters in the area of Cipada Village, Cisarua, West Bandung, Indonesia.The event held at the local government office was kicked off by short introductions from the village head and representatives from the local police department.  Ceramic water filters are indeed a new technology to this area and the local community members were skeptical at first until they had the opportunity to try water filtered from Pelita’s ceramic water filters.  One local community member said, “It tastes like cold mountain water”!

Cipada_Aug15Over the next 3 months, Pelita will make individual follow-up appointments with each recipient to ensure they understand how to use and clean the filters and answer any questions they may have.  Our hope is that through this community word will spread throughout the area in regards to the quality of the filters produced and the benefits that the community is seeing in its overall health.  This will lead to further opportunities to enter into other communities and provide them with fresh, clean and safe drinking water.

Although the water samples we had tested from local wells, came back negative for e-coli the area still faces pollution concerns and needs ceramic water filters to provide easy and cheap alternatives to safe drinking water.  If you would like to help one of these areas obtain ceramic water filters, please contact us!  We would be honored to partner with you or your organization. (ap/2015)