40 Ceramic Filter Giveaway at Village Bojonghaleuang, District Saguling, West Bandung

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Friday, August, 22, 2014 at 1.00 pm, Pelita Indonesia in cooperation with the officials of Bojonghaleuang Village held a STBM program ( Total Sanitation Based on Community) seminar and gave away 40 ceramic filters to the Village of Bojonghaleuang. This event was made possible by the generous donation of our sponsor, Mr. MJ.

This is the second time, Mr. MJ has given a donation to assist a community near his residence in Kota Baru Parahyangan. His desire is that through ceramic water filters some of the health burdens of citizens in Bojonghaleuang will be lifted by having access to safe drinking water.

Ceramic Water Filters are one of the approved alternatives outlined in the Indonesian government’s  program PAMMRT (Household Drinking Water and Food Management), to process raw water into healthy and hygienic drinking water. In addition, it is cheap, easy, and are also BBM free (oil fuel)!  So they are environmentally friendly.

Introductions were given by the Village Secretary, he thanked Pelita Indonesia and our sponsor who are helping his people obtain healthy drinking water.  The Pelita Indonesia team will continue to follow-up with the people who received ceramic filters in order to make sure they understand how to correctly use the filters.

We would like to publicly say Thank You to our sponsor and all the team. We would also like to invite you to supporting our program “1 filter for 1 family” to help those in need.