Together with Cihanjuang Villagers on Saturday

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Saturday, August 31, 2013. Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia once again had the opportunity to share with the community. In partnership with Yayasan Cinta Tanah Air ( Love of the Motherland), we distributed 60 ceramic filter to the Village of Cihanjuang Rahayu RW 11/ RT 3.

The Village of Cihanjuang Rahayu is located in Sub-District Parompong, West Bandung District of West Java. This village is located between Mount Tangkuban Perahu and Burangrang and has a good spring water source, which can be seen from the many vegetable and rice plantations there. However, the water still contains deadly e.coli bacteria requiring the people to boil thier water before it can be drank.

Because of these underlying issues, Pelita Indonesia held a ceramic filter distribution in this area in order that we could help the community to reduce energy via decreasing their dependence on wood required to boil water since water from the ceramic filter can be drank without boiling it first.

Mr. Yaya, as the head of RT 03, expressed his gratitude by saying, ā€œ Villagers Cihanjuang Rahayu utter many thanks for the distribution of ceramic filters. Iā€™m very happy because I know that the ceramics filters are very useful to our community and energy efficient.ā€

Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia hopes that all of Indonesian, especially West Java, can be free from the e.coli bacteria that cause diarrhea. If you would like to know more information about ceramic filters, please contact us directly. We are always glad to help you.

Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia would like to say thank you to Yayasan Cinta Tanah Air (Love of the Motherland) for their monetary donation, which provided 60 ceramics filter for Cihanjuang Rahayu Village.