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Program TB (Tuberculosis)

StopTBsourceIndonesia is one of the high burden countries for tuberculosis (TB) according to the WHO. The government has an excellent TB control program supported by the WHO with funding from both the Indonesian government and international aid organizations. However the difficulty faced in implementing these programs often occurs on the grass roots level where individual patients do not understand their disease and the need to complete treatment. In addition they may face other obstacles such as the cost of transportation to the local government clinic.

The TB project assists individual tuberculosis patients in obtaining life saving treatment by supporting patients in the existing government programs and by community teaching allowing recognition of new cases of active TB. Our teams go into the homes of patients and teach them and their families about their disease, assisting them in obtaining treatment and proper nutrition. Community wide teaching and teaching in prisons and schools also occurs and raises awareness of the need to recognize and fully treat TB.

The primary service provided is education, encouragement and support; however, nutritional supplements consisting of vitamins, protein supplementation are provided as needed. Medicines and x-rays are usually obtained via the government system but in selected situations these may be provided if not available elsewhere. In addition, smoking is a serious compounding issue for these patients and their families, increasing susceptibility to pulmonary diseases and draining meager economic resources. Our teams simultaneously address this problem via Stop-Smoking counseling.

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