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Stop Smoking Project

Stop4GoodSmoking is common in Indonesia, with approximately 57 million smokers. In Indonesia, 63% men and 5% of women are reported as smokers, as much as 34% of the population!

To support government programs that make people aware of the negative effects of cigarettes, on the health of themselves and family, as well as on their economies, Pelita assists them to be able to quit smoking. This program collaborates with the Center for Lung Health Society (BBKPM) Bandung through the Stop Smoking Clinic and Quit Tobacco Indonesia (QTI) located in Yogyakarta to provide smoking cessation counselor training to Pelita in order that it can provide Smoking counseling to the community in West Java.

Pelita Indonesia implements the Stop Smoking program independently by using our own counselors to provide Information, Education and Communication (IEC) to the community. We also want to recruit new individual clients who may participate in the Counseling Smoking Hazards program (KBM). Our main goal is to teach clients in detail the dangers of smoking, and that they may ultimately decide to quit smoking for the health of themselves, families and communities.

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