Socialization and Introduction of Ceramic Filter at Village Tambak Mekar, District Jalan Cagak, Subang, West Java

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014. Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia in cooperation with the Village of Tambak Mekar held a STBM (Total Community Based Sanitation) seminar and introduced our ceramic water filters. The event was attended about 60 people.

The welcoming speech was given by the Jalan Cagak District Head and Director of the Health Center. Afterwards, the District Head  give a brief explanation about STBM and continued with an explanation of how ceramic water filters are one of the options offered by the Government through the PAMMRT program (management of drinking water and Household Food) and facilitated by Pelita Indonesia.

We also do not want to forget to say many thanks to all participants who have supported this event especially to the sponsors. We send our gratitude to all those who support “1 filter for 1 family” program. We invite you to take part in supporting this campaign as we still have many families who need help.