Distribution of Free Ceramic Filter In Villages Madasari, Sub-District Cimerak, District Pangadaran, West Java

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Monday, July, 29th, 2013. Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia distributed 50 ceramic filters to 50 family in RT. 43, RW 14, Village Madasari, Sub-District Cimerak, District Pangandaran, West Java. The natural beauty of Madasari beach makes this village a huge prospect of tourism for this region, but it was one of the villages impacted the worst from the tsunami in 2006. Almost the entire community was lost. Their houses were destroyed and many lives were lost, but with the help of the government, Madasari has now fully recovered. All activities have returned to normal, houses have been rebuilt, but clean water is still an issue due to the fact that the ground water containes a lot of chalk.

The dissemination and distribution of ceramic water filters took place at 07.30 PM after iftar. The Head of RT 43, Bapak Udin gave many thanks for this event and said ,” I’ve been using this ceramic filter for a month, and I am satisfied. Now I don’t have to buy a water, the taste is good like water from mountains”. Besides distributing ceramic filters, Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia also held counseling in stop smoking, tuberculosis and gave out free vitamins to the community. The participants were all very enthusiastic about this activity, moreover the woman who mostly still smoking. This program was made possible through the help of sponsors, who provided the funds to distribute the 50 ceramic filters to the underprivileged community of Madasari. If you would like to support this program, please contact us. We always ready to help. Thank you very much.