Distribution and Education Seminar in Desa Leles, Segalaherang, Subang

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23 March 2015 – Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia in cooperation with the village officials, held a water filter distribution and Total Community Based Sanitation (STBM) seminar in the village of Leles, Segalaherang, Suband Indonesia.The event, held in their newly renovated community center, was attended by approximately 75 community members in addition to the 50 underprivileged families that were chosen by local officials to receive free ceramic water filters produced by Pelita Indonesia. Although overall response was positive, there are still a number of community members that are hesitant to use the ceramic filters for drinking water due to the contamination that currently exists in their source water.  Currently, everyone in the area must boil their water before it can be consumed but unfortunately many do not boil it long enough to kill the bacteria and parasites that thrive in local rivers and wells.  This led to many questions from local leaders and community members on the effectiveness of the filters produced by Pelita.

After all questions were answered, filters distributed, and information given out on the importance of drinking clean water, using proper toilets, and washing hands before eating and going to the bathroom, Pelita scheduled follow-up appointments with every recipient.  After approximately 3 months, everyone that received a filter now uses the filters daily and more importantly have recognized the benefits in both health and financially.

This event was made possible due to the contributions made to Pelita’s 1 Filter 1 Family campaign.  Thank you to all that have made donations.  If you would like more information on this program, please contact via the contact form.