Dissemination and Distribution Program Gives away 107 Ceramic Filters in RW. 09 RW. 10 in Ciumbuleuit – District Cidadap – Bandung

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As a form of our dedication to underprivileged communities in Indonesia, Pelita Indonesia distributed filters in the area of RW. 09 & RW. 10 villages Ciumbuleuit – District Cidadap – Bandung City. The Ciumbuleuit district has an area covering 11 and 77 neighborhoods respectively, and has a total area of 297.74 hectares.

During the celebration of Indonesia’s 67th Independence Day, August 17, 2012, Pelita Indonesia held a free Stop Smoking session, PAMMRT (Water Management & Household Food) Ceramic Filter training and distributed filters free of charge to 107  citizens in the underprivileged community of Ciumbuleuit. Hosted at the home of Mr. Taryana, RW. 09 in the Village Ciumbuleuit, the majority of beneficiaries in this area are elderly.

Almost 100% of the citizens of this area boil their water for drinking. Before attending the training, they were not aware that there were other options to obtain clean safe drinking water such as, solar disinfection (SODIS), chlorination, flocculation, slow sand filter (biosand), and ceramic filters. In addition to the training, each family received 1 free ceramic filter so they will no longer have to depend upon boiling and will save electricity, gas and firewood.

During the Stop Smoking session, participants were very enthusiastic and hopefully will request further follow-up so they can quit for good. In the near future, team members from Pelita Indonesia will follow-up with all the participants to ensure they all have full access to our programs.

The distribution of the ceramic filters was made possible through the help of Mr. & Mrs. Brasfield, who sponsored the event. On behalf of Pelita Indonesia and the citizens of RW 09 & 10 in Ciumbuleuit, we thank you very much.

We are always open to potential sponsorship opportunities through individuals or other organizations. Any contribution whether it be funding, manpower, or other resources to help the people of Indonesia have a healthier lifestyle are always welcome. (Agie/2012)