Dangers of Smoking to Local High School Students

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In August 2015, Pelita Indonesia’s Health Team was invited by the Central Cimahi Health Department and Aids Prevention Commission to provide counseling to several middle and high school students from the Central Cimahi area.  This session was sponsored by funds made available from BOK, which allowed approximately 50 students from each school to receive materials and education on reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, and the dangers of smoking. Mrs. Simpson, a midwife that works for the local health department, and Mr. Kin from the Aids Prevention Commission provided information on HIV/AIDS, while Pelita’s Mr. Kiki spoke about the dangers of smoking, the impact on their long-term health, and the impact on those around them through second-hand smoke.One of the venues was at Santa Maria High School, on Gatot Subroto street in Cimahi.  50 students from this high school participated in the event, which was made up of 2-3 representatives from each class.  All the students were enthusiastic through their participation and asked many questions during the short question and answer session.  Students were encouraged to seek further consultation on any of these topics through their local health department. (ki/TimKes)