Community Led Total Sanitation – Home Drinking Water Treatment – Ceramic Filter Education and Acceleration Program in Jalan Cagak, Subang District

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Tuesday, 25 September 2012 at the Helath Department in Jalan Cagak, Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia worked together with the Jalan Cagak district to organize an event for Community Led Total Sanitation, Home Water Treatment, and Ceramic Filter education.  The event was attended by appoximatly 57 people including the Jalan Cagak District Head, 7 Mayors from the region of Jalan Cagak, Village Leaders, Village Midwife and citizens from the community.

This event was expected to create relationships and support for the Community Led Total Sanitation program and become the first step to creating a healthy community, beginning with the local officials. The Jalan Cagak District Head, Drs. Nana Mulyana, M.Si, reveled in her speech that, “there are still a lot of communities in the Jalan Cagak area that need assistance and education so that they understand the importance of clean and healthy living”. In addition Jalan Cagak Health Department Director, Mr. Asep Setiawan, SE, said, “it needs to be noted that there are still many areas in the region that experience cases of diarrhea. Hopefully with the presence of the ceramic filters in the region of Jalan Cagak the number of cases of diarrhea will decrease”.

Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia, manufacturers of the ceramic filters, commitment to support the Home Drinking Water Treatment program in the area of Jalan Cagak is evident with their placement of field facilitators and distribution of 55 ceramic filters donated as a stimulus program to the participants at the event. Mayor of Sarireja, Dadan Mulya, during his testimony reveled, “Almost 50% of the population including himself already using the ceramic filter as a tool to process drinking water. Praise God that he hasn’t felt stomach aches or even had diarrhea due to the successful processing of drinking water by the ceramic filter. Even now a lot of the community feel the benefits like saving money and not worrying about where they will obtain drinking water that is safe and hygienic”. Indeed, in early 2012 Sarireja became the first community to participate in the pilot project for ceramic water filters in the region of Jalan Jagak and is the motivation for other communities in the Subang District.

The program “1 Ceramic Filter for 1 Family” and the free ceramic water filters distributed at this event were sponsored by Ms. Christie Coley and friends from Port City. Thank you to those that willingly gave to assist those in need. If you have an organization or even as an individual would like to support this program, please contact us. We look forward to serving you. Thank you (Agie/2012)