Ceramics Filter Given Away at Village Pasirhalang, Padalarang, West Bandung

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Tuesday, May 13th, 2014. Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia Water Program Division held a ceramic water filter distribution and public health seminar in the village of Pasirhalang, West Bandung, Indonesia.  A total of 62 ceramic filters were distributed to local residents.  50 filters were given to underprivileged families and 12 to public facilities such as the community health center.  After a brief welcoming speech from the village leaders, members of Pelita continued with the seminar and distribution of filters to those who were registered by their local village leaders.

Pasirhalang obtains fresh water from personal wells and/or mountain springs, both of which are extremely polluted.  Many of the residents must boil their water before it is healthy to drink; however, as customary throughout Indonesia, many do not boil their water long enough to kill the bacteria that is present.  This presents two problems; they drink water that they believe is free of contaminants because it has been boiled and they increase the amount of carbon emissions by using fossil fuels (wood, LPG, oil, Kerosene) as their heating source.

With these factors in mind, Pasirhalang was chosen as a site for Pelita’s “1 filter for 1 family” campaign after consultation with the community health center and officials from the local village.  500 families were initially identified as underprivileged by the government but through assistance from individuals above and the governments Family Health Program (PKK) we were able to determine the 50 families who were facing dire circumstances.  We are indebted to those that partnered with Pelita to provide the funds that were used to purchase these filters and to the local government for allowing our workers to come in and educate their constituents.

If you are interested in becoming a partner in providing clean drinking water to an entire village, being a sponsor of our program “1 filter for 1 family”, or would like to assist us in providing for the poor throughout Indonesia, please contact us via our contact form.  We would love to hear from you.