Ceramics Filter Give Away in Village Batulayang, Bandung Barat, West Java

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On, November, 13th, 2013. Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia has an opportunity to come again to village office of Village Batulayang, to give socialization of PAMRT and distribution of ceramics filter to 55 underprivileged family there. Perkumpulan Pelita Indonesia had been there before, together with Yayasan Cinta Tanah Air, to distributed 50 set ceramics filter on the beginning of 2013.

The number of citizens who need ceramic filters and high enthusiasm encouraged us to give it back its assistance in addition to the sponsors are willing to set aside a portion of his wealth to the citizens of the local community. Mr. Beben as the head of the village of said, the people of Village Batulayang greatly helped by the existence of this activity. In addition to citizens, including education about sanitation is good and healthy, also felt the benefit directly through the ceramic filters are distributed. Most residents now have switched from a boil the water with the use of firewood now using ceramic filters. The community can also save a little of the reconstruction costs could now add to boil water for household needs.