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  1. Before you use your new filter, clean bucket with clean water.
  2. Then place the filter in the bucket. (Be careful to just touch the edges of the filter)
  3. Fill the filter and allow all water to seep through the filter.
  4. Throw away the water that was just filtered to ensure all clay is eliminated.
  5. If the water you use is cloudy or opaque, cover the top of the filter with a soft cloth to create a pre-screen and tie a string around the cloth so the cloth will not fall into the filter. Pre-screening using fabric will make your filter more durable.
  6. The filter will drain more profusely if the filter is full of water, so fill it frequently.


  1. You do not need to clean the filter more than once a month, unless the filter is working very slowly.
  2. To clean the filter, lift the filter carefully out of the bucket (Be sure to leave the bucket half full with filtered water).
  3. Place the filter on a clean piece of cloth.
  4. Using the filtered water saved in the bucket, fill the filter so that it is half-full and use a plastic brush to clean the clogged pores. Dispose of the dirty water (you’ll see there are clay particles in water).
  5. Clean the filter every month (if the raw water does not have a lot of sediment in it, it can usually be used up to one year before the pores are blocked and water can not flow smoothly).
  6. Replace your filters after one and a half years.