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Our simple bucket-shaped filters are made from a mixture of clay and rice husks that have been crushed and screened. This mixture is then molded into the correct shape using a hydraulic press before it is fired in our kiln. During firing, the rice husks burn away leaving small pores (smaller than the size of bacteria) that allow the water to filter through the clay but leaving behind bacteria and sediment. Once cooled, the new ceramic filters are coated with colloidal silver that serves as an additional layer of protection from the bacteria.

Raw water is poured into the filter and gradually seeps through the pores and colloidal silver where it drips into our special catchment bucket leaving clean, potable, drinking water that is 98-99.88% free of parasites and harmful bacteria.

Our filters treat approximately 1.5-2.5 liters per hour and can be used up to 2 years before replacement.

Do you need more information on how to use or clean your ceramic water filter?  If so, see our How-To page.

Ceramic Filter Brochure–Download