Ceramic Filter Distribution in Kotekan, Purwodadi, Jogyakarta, Indonesia

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Wednesday, 11 March, 2015 – Members from Pelita Indonesia’s Water Program division came to Kotekan, Purwodadi, Yogyakarta to host a personal hygiene and clean water seminar along with distributing 100 ceramic water filters to residents of the village. This event was made possible by Yayasan Mina Budayo and The Community Center who both gave generous donations to Pelita’s “1 Filter for 1 Family” program.

What is the “1 Filter for 1 Family” program?.. This program allows individuals, groups, or organizations to donate a ceramic water filter to a needy household in Indonesia. Each household receives assistance in learning how to set up, clean, and use the filter appropriately and promotes a healthier lifestyle amongst the villages of Indonesia.

Although it rained continually during the event, the community was overjoyed by the assistance Pelita was providing their families. By having a clean safe source of drinking water, financial and physical burdens are eased since they no longer must search for firewood or purchase bottled gas (LPG) to boil water or purchase bottled water. Our ceramic filters allow the user to pour raw contaminated water into the mouth of the filter and immediately drink the clean water that passes through into the plastic container.

If you would like to participate and be a sponsor of the “1 Filter for 1 Family” program, please contact us using the contact form on this website. (ap/2015)